Six Ways You Unknowingly Kill Your Smartphone

You could be taking certain measures to guarantee your phone’s longevity, but so many points elude the average user. In light of this, we have decided to let you know six ways you could be killing your smartphone.

These mistakes don’t always have immediate effects, they kill the smartphone slowly. This is why most people don’t notice there is a problem until the phone is unable to perform certain functions.

You don’t need to have your phone smashed to the floor or soaked in liquid before you damage it. Here are six ways you unknowingly kill your smartphone.

1.  Leaving Your Phone On Throughout The Day…Everyday

Yes, I know you bought the phone to use it, but you should allow it rest from time to time. If your phone is always active 24/7, the components that make it up will weaken faster than normal.

So it is good to shut down your smartphone every now and then, just like your personal computer.

The issue here is that so many people have synced daily activities to their smartphones — which is a good thing. If you fall into this group of people, it doesn’t mean your smartphone has to be on 24/7.

Your device can be shut down throughout your sleeping hours, that’s less than or equal to 8 hours a day for most people. This simple act will aid your phone’s durability as it ensures everything is working properly.

2.  Charging Your Phone Longer Than Necessary

There is the temptation to leave it charging, especially when you lack access to steady electric power supply. But when the battery is full, kindly unplug the charger if you want your phone to last long.

To be clear, your phone is smart enough to know when the battery is full, so if you still leave it plugged in, it automatically controls the power that goes in. So what’s the issue with charging it longer than necessary?

The answer is overheating — which is a common cause of so many smartphone problems. If your phone is fully charged and you still leave it plugged in, just know that it is overheating and will pack up when you least expect it to.

3.  Letting Your Phone Drain to 0% Before Charging

If you let your phone’s battery get so low before charging it, you are killing the battery and the phone in general. There is the myth that says your smartphone will last longer if you let the battery die before charging, but it’s not true.

Don’t even let it get to 10% before charging, let it be healthy when you plug it. The reason is because your battery is lithium-ion, and it gets stressed when you charge it to 100% after letting it drain so low that it starts begging you to plug it.

Your smartphone’s lithium-ion battery works best between 30% and 80%.

So 30% is the best battery level to start charging, don’t wait until the phone starts warning you.

4.  Being Nonchalant About Overheating

An average smartphone user has felt the heat of the device when making long calls, watching movies, live streaming or doing anything heavy with the phone.

I am sure you have experienced it many times, but have you thought about the implications it could have on your phone’s lifespan and even your personal health?

When your phone overheats, it eventually kills the phone. More importantly, there are health implications that could keep you in the hospital for a long time.

Apart from overcharging, here are other ways you may be letting your phone overheat.

  • Exposing it to sunlight
  • Leaving it in a hot car
  • Letting the phone work 24/7 (please allow it to rest)
  • Using a wrong phone casing
  • Keeping it under your pillow

The aforementioned mistakes and anything related should be avoided at all costs for the safety of both you and your beloved smartphone.

5.  Downloading Apps From Unknown Sources

You will surely welcome malware into your phone if you keep downloading apps from unknown sources. The dangers of this mistake are endless, so it is better to just stick with the apps that your phone’s OS allows via playstore (or iOS, windows, etc).

Avoid clicking download links from suspicious sites and installing apps from third-party sources. The problems that could arise from this can go as far as damaging your phone beyond repair.

Your privacy is also not guaranteed after such random downloads, and you could end up losing more than just your device when your bank details and other personal information can be accessed without your knowledge.

6.  Using Any Charger You Can Fit Into Your Phone

This is the easiest and fastest way to spoil your phone’s charging port. You will meet people who use chargers similar to yours, but it doesn’t always mean they are good for your own phone.

Most times, you won’t even suspect the charging port is the problem when your phone starts misbehaving because it will still charge, but won’t progress after a certain percentage.

This will make you try different chargers and cause further damage until your phone no longer comes on. Then you blame the battery…poor innocent battery.

To avoid unnecessary spending, just use only the charger that came with your phone. If you lose it for any reason, buy another one from a trustworthy source. There are so many fakes out there, be careful.

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