Six apps to help you keep your new year resolutions

Unresolved Resolutions…

Are you a ‘new year resolutions’ person? Have you been failing at keeping your new year resolutions? Don’t worry, we got you. The new year is here again and like last year and the year before that, a lot of people made new resolutions. Resolutions like ‘I will quit smoking’, ‘no alcohol this year’, ‘I will frequent the gym’, ‘better relationship with God’, and so on. But somehow the resolutions are soon forgotten. We want to help make your case different this time, so we curated this app list to assist you stay true to your word throughout the year.

Cessation Nation

This is for those who constantly resolve to stop smoking every new year but always go back to the cigarette shortly after vehemently making the promise. Cessation Nation links you with addiction experts and others like you who are trying to quit smoking so you don’t feel alone in the struggle. The app also keeps track of your progress and shows you how much you’ve saved since you stopped buying cigarette. Get it here.


Everybody wants to be happy and Happify does not want you to be left out. Happify helps its users get happy by feeding them a series of research based games and activities to complete every week. The activities are based on scientific research on emotional states and happiness.


If you think you are a spendthrift who wants to start saving money in the new year, do more than just saying it by downloading Mint. The app helps you save money by helping you make a steady budget, all you have to do is input the things you need to spend money on and some banking details. Get it here.


If you have been promising yourself that trip to your dream location year after year without actually doing it, Travelocity will help you make the move this new year by periodically notifying you of the best flight and hotel deals available. Get it here.


If you are trying to control your weight, let this year be the year you make the great move of actually working towards losing some weight. MyFitnessPal will help you start and continue working towards a great body by monitoring your intake of calories and it uses over five million foods in its database to achieve that. Get it here.


Wunderlist helps you manage and organize your time. If your New Year resolution is to score higher academic grades, this app can help you with it. Wunderlist helps you with study organization and time management. It doesn’t only set time and dates, it also reminds you about the arrangement you made earlier so you are never so distracted that you forget to sit down and study to become the top of your class. It is available here. With smartphones being among the top distractions in our everyday lives, it would be perfect to use them as a source of inspiration and a partner in reaching goals set for the new year. We wish you the best as you keep your resolutions!


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