Seven Fashion Mistakes that Make You Look Older

Barring professional dress codes, there are really no stringent rules to fashion anymore — everything goes. Any weird make-up or colour combination can become a hot trend, especially if one or two celebrities endorse it.

Remember how Rihanna made male boxers trend when she wore it to an event? That’s just one of the many signs that fashion rules are no longer important, which gives us the freedom to experiment more. But as you play with different options, know there is a chance your wardrobe could work against you.

Many women don’t know this, but your dressing habit could be the reason people think you’re ten years older than your actual age. If you want to correct that, avoid the 7 fashion mistakes listed below.

Too much black

Black colour goes with anything and is appropriate for every occasion, that’s why we love it. But if you always let it dominate your dressing, you’ll look older than your age. The colour just has a way of drawing attention to your wrinkles and dark circles.

What to do about it

  • Don’t wear black as often as you are tempted to.
  • If you must, wear bright accessories to go with it.
  • Mix it with brighter colours, which is easy since black goes well with anything.
  • Black goes well with anything, but don’t mix it with dull colours like grey, it will make you look tired.

Overdoing the bling bling

Shiny accessories have long been associated with a youthful appearance, some people even feel too much of it makes one look childish. But if you wear heavy and shiny accessories all the time, looking like a kid will be the opposite of your problems.

You will look uncoordinated — like someone trying way too hard to look beautiful. Even if you look good in it, you’ll look like an older beautiful woman with a poor fashion sense.

What to do about it

  • If you’re going for a consume party, no problem. If not, drop those huge shiny necklaces and mighty bracelets.
  • The bigger and shinier your accessories are, the older you will look. So wear medium sizes and match them with the right make-up
  • Never wear accessories on all parts of your body at the same time, pick two or three and don’t make all of them equally loud. If your nose, fingers, hands, ankles, ears, neck, waist and teeth are all dangling with shiny jewelry at the same time, you will look old and funny with zero class.

Too tight or too loose

We know you want to kill people with your great figure, which you are free to do, but if you’re getting older and want to appear younger, don’t wear tight clothes, it will work against you and add some years to your age.

Clothes can be fitted, but that killing tightness will tell the world you are desperately trying hard to look younger.

This doesn’t mean you should wear floor-sweeping clothes though, as it obviously makes you look older no matter your current age.

What to do about it

  • Don’t wear clothes that are uncomfortably tight
  • If you feel too much allowance in your clothing, get it fitted to your right dimensions
  • If you have scars on your leg, that doesn’t mean you should always wear skirts that are too long. Trousers, fish tail gowns and pencil skirts are youthful substitutes.

Not updating your wardrobe

Just because you look great in a particular style doesn’t mean you should stay glued to it. Some ladies have stuck to a particular pattern for so long, you can identify them from miles away.

If you are trapped in a fixed set of styles, what happens when they become outdated? You’ll just be making yourself look decades older.

What to do about it

  • Change your fashion pattern every now and then, experiment with new trends to avoid looking like a blast from the past.
  • Imitate modern celebrities that you share similar features with, they have experts dressing them all the time.
  • Don’t get emotionally attached to your clothes, let them go by replacing when you have to.

Very long hair

Just like make-up, your hairstyle can do miraculous changes to your face. Long flowing hair enhances youth, but if you are thin, have wrinkles, or an oblong face, super long hairstyles will make you look older.

What to do about it

  • Go for layered hairstyles instead of straight long ones
  • Wear styles with more volume and curls
  • Check out the best hairstyles for your face shape, this will keep you wearing excellent hairdo at all times.

Not wearing a belt

Because flare gowns have become so popular, not wearing a belt is now one of the most overlooked fashion mistakes that make you look older.

Loose flare gowns and other not-so-tight clothes can look great, but without a belt, you will have a grandma appearance, especially around the waist. Your hot figure will also hide and you’ll just look straight.

What to do about it

Wrong size of bra

You may be keeping all the aforementioned rules but still look older. Well, the reason could be in the size of bra you’re wearing. Despite being worn under the clothes, it affects the overall fitting of your dress.

If you wear a bra bigger or smaller than your proper cup size, your boobs will look heavy and you’ll instantly have about ten years added to your age.

What to do about it

  • Wear your proper size with full cup and a comfortable band
  • Get new set of bras every 8 months
  • For those who wear padded bras, change every six months since constant washing will weaken the pads.

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  1. Fashion can go a long way in defining who we are. In fact, it can even make us look younger or older. This is applicable to both male and female.

    Another fashion strategy I think a woman should take note of is the type of ear rings she wears. Ear rings also become outdated just like clothes and wearing of such will make her look ten years older even though other fashion strategies might cover it.

    Educative even for men

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