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Makeover for queens

Hey Ladies, don’t we just love it when our makeover is on fleek? Makeup makes me look sooo extra 😊. I cannot even leave the house without my makeup on.  If you are particular about makeup like I am, you will most likely find yourself combing through Instagram and YouTube; finding tips, tricks and latest products to spice up your look. There can really never be enough ways to pamper that beautiful face, can there? So, let me tell you about some cool apps makeup lovers use to make their daily beauty glow extra perfect.

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ModiFace Makeup

This is just like having a real makeup artist at your fingertips. It is quite a popular makeup app used by increasing number of beautiful ladies. ModiFace Makeup has thousands of virtual makeover products, celebrity looks, eye colours and shades which you can use to glam up your fmakeover. It has a user friendly interface, uses the latest facial recognition algorithm and has amazing blending abilities.

Just take a photo of your face and start trying out the different makeup products until you find the one that perfectly suits you. You will enjoy seeing your face get transformed as you practice how to draw different styles of eyebrows and even match them with hairstyles from the app’s huge database.


Just like most beauty apps; Perfect365 has many makeup looks you can try on, but what’s special is that you get to test different eyelash extension styles on yourself before making a purchase online.

Beauty giants like Salon Perfect lashes and  Ardell lashes have partnered with Perfect365 to give you various styles you can experiment with. Using this app is just like walking into a beauty shop and having their best stylists fix all their faux lashes on you, one after the other, until you finally make a decision and purchase one. The app is free.


Trust me, your makeover strategy is not complete without glamscout. When next you see the picture of a celebrity with lusciously coloured lips, smoky hot false lashes or the perfect mascara, just save the picture and open your GlamScout app. Upload this picture to the app and it will display information on the shades of makeup she is wearing. Then, it will match them with products from top brands which you can buy after virtually trying them out on your face, using your front camera as a mirror.

Mary Kay Mobile Virtual Makeover

Mary Kay fans will love this app. It is the first of its kind from this beauty line. With it, you get to try countless colour combinations. Also, you can test a wide range of virtual Mary Kay products which you can then buy online

Mary Kay Mobile Virtual Makeover also helps you with makeup suggestions for special occasions like a bridal look. It is very easy to use, just open the app, take a picture of yourself and start getting unlimited tricks to look classy.


According to the company, never leave home without your Beautylish. The app can actually unite you with fellow makeup enthusiasts when you navigate forums to share tips, trends and pictures. With Beautylish, you will be among the first to see the latest beauty products, know what makeup experts are saying about them and use their opinions to decide if you will buy them or not. It has a user friendly interface and can inspire you to look more beautiful after seeing posts of other ladies.

So try out these apps queens, unleash your beauty and let me know what you think.


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