Protecting Yourself from Mobile Phone Radiation

Our mobile phones have become a lot more than just a means of communication — we can’t imagine life without them. But just like everything that is too good, mobile phones have a silent danger that causes harm to the health.

This danger is known as electromagnetic radiation. It is emitted by all types of mobile phones and can negatively affect cells in the body.

Phone radiation has been linked to conditions like insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, male infertility and brain tumour. In fact, recent studies have confirmed that mobile phone radiation can cause cancer! So this is a serious issue we are looking at here.

According to Statistica, there are about 4.93 billion active mobile phone users in the world as at 2018. This figure is expected to surpass 5.07 billion in 2019, and increase as time goes on.

That’s a whole lot of people exposed to risks associated with mobile phone radiation. But what can we do about it?

We cannot stop using mobile phones, they are just too important. Since they’re not going anywhere, you just have to adopt the measures listed below to protect yourself.

Use an EMF (Electromagnetic Field) shielding protection device

EMF shielding devices are designed for the purpose of blocking radiation to prevent it from reaching your body. They come as wristbands and pendants you can either wear as a necklace or attach to your phone pouch.

As radiation concerns grow, phone manufacturers are already adding EMF blocking devices to newer phone cases. So if you’re buying a new device, check the SAR  and buy the one with the lowest rating.

Keep your distance

With the eagerness to always check for social media updates, this surely isn’t the easiest protection measure.

If you keep your phone close to your body, there is a higher risk of having reproductive health issues or cancer. So ensure you don’t keep phones in bra, pockets, under the pillow or anywhere close to your head when you sleep. When you have no choice, switch it off or put your phone on airplane mode.

Make your calls on loud speaker

Try as much as possible to use the speakerphone when you make and receive calls. It’s a good way to have the phone far from your head, but people find this hard to do because it looks weird.

With respect to that, making calls in public places should be reduced, so that you will have the freedom to protect yourself from mobile phone radiation and not bother the people around you with the sound from your speakerphone.

Switch sides from time to time

Since it is not realistic to say that you will always be able to avoid making calls in public places, there should be a plan for cases where you can’t.

Whenever you must take calls in public places, make it a habit to switch your phone between the left and right ears repeatedly throughout the call. By doing this, you can get a little break from phone contact with your skin, which is better than no break at all.

If you are bothered about people who might find it weird, don’t worry, they won’t even notice. If they do, then it’s a good thing because they also should start doing it for their own protection.

Use earphones

Anything that will keep the mobile phone far away from your head is welcome, and this is where handsfree devices come to play. Most of us use them to just play music, but they are actually life savers.

When you use an earphone to make calls, you reduce exposing your brain to mobile phone radiation. So always move around with an earphone that is good enough for making phone calls.

Don’t use your phone when you visit places with poor signal

There are times when life just takes you to places where you have to climb a tree in search of network signals. For your own safety, just avoid using your mobile phone throughout your stay in such a place.

Mobile phones are at their most unsafe stage at this time. They will emit really high amounts of radiation in search for signals, which is why you shouldn’t bother sitting on fences or tree branches to make calls.

If mobile phone connection becomes an absolute necessity, of course you have to search for signals and make calls. But minimize the duration and apply all the measures listed here to reduce the risks.

Don’t use your phones inside elevators

Thick metal sheets and rocks are known to block signals, and elevators are made of thick metal sheets. So when you’re in a lift, the number of bars on the top right or left of your phone will reduce to show that the signal is poor.

Remember that just like in remote villages, your mobile phone will release more radiation when there is poor signal, which makes it very dangerous to your health.

Elevator trips are usually very short, so just put your phone on airplane mode throughout your stay in the lift.

Do you know any other way people can protect themselves from mobile phone radiation? Let us know in the comment section below. 👇🏼


  1. Thanks for this educative post.

    Another way to prevent yourself from phone radiation is to check the SAR value ” Specific absorption rate” the lower the better.

    You can get that on your phone pack Meanwhile, to know better about SAR,kindly use do a research .

  2. Phones are important tools that must be present in order to carry out our day to day activities.

    But every thing with a pro will also have a con.

    Con of the internet is radiation which is a life-reducing agent and as such must be avoided.

    Another ways of avoiding phone radiation are
    1- Users should always have their phone at hand or upper pocket, not in the lower pockets.
    2- Users should try not to use the phone when charging
    3- Enlightenment about the effect of phone radiation should also be done. etc.

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