Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Have you ever seen a Lady rocking such a fantastic hairstyle that you take a picture of her and run to your hairdresser for that same style, only to come out looking…well…not so fantastic?

Many Ladies have experienced it, not only with the hairstyle of our friends, but also with those of our most loved celebrities.

This different outcome of the same hairstyle is not really a function of the stylist who made it. Your hairdresser could be a shining expert, but if a particular style doesn’t suit the shape of your face, you won’t look great in it. But you’re here now, so don’t worry.

No matter your face shape, we are going to show you how to figure out the most fitting style that will make heads turn.

Knowing Your Face Shape

A good number of ladies do not know their face shape. So before we start matching hair styles, take a look at the different shapes and know where your face belongs.

The five types of facial shapes include oval, round, oblong, heart and square.

There are many ways to determine your facial shape, but the method I’m going to give you is the easiest. All you need is a standing mirror and a marker.

  • Start by pulling your hair back and hold it firmly with a band.
  • Stand in front of the mirror and use the marker to trace out your face. Take careful note of your hairline.
  • Look at the outline you have in the mirror and you’ll see your face shape.

The Oval Face

If you fall into the group of lucky ladies that have an oval face, you can rock a wide range of styles without looking bad in any of them—this is why it is regarded as the ideal face shape.

The even proportion of this face shape is not only friendly with hairstyles, it also allows you to safely experiment with different haircuts and make-up.

Features of the oval face

Cheekbones are the widest part of the face.

The jaw line looks roundish.

Forehead and jaw line have almost the same width.

Generally, no feature on the face is noticeably dominant.

Best hairstyles for oval face

Since your face shape is ideal, you will look elegant in virtually every style, including bobbed, long, short, layered, straight or curdled hairdo.

Your oval face will look perfect in hairstyles that expose your balanced features. So, do well to wear those that compel you to push your hair backwards—like the ponytail and other up-dos.

One style icon that has really experimented and maximized her oval face is Rihanna. She is so stylish with her hair that more than two major hairstyles have been named after her.

If you ever get confused about what to do with hair to match with your perfect face, go through Rihanna’s long list of badass hairstyles.

Wrong hairstyles for oval face

As ideal as it is, the oval face doesn’t guarantee total freedom. There are still hairstyles you dare not wear if you want to look hot.

Normal fringe looks good on ovals, but avoid those overly thick or thin ones that just hang in your face. The thick ones will add more roundness to your head, making it look like a soccer ball. While the thin ones look scanty and classless.

Don’t wear styles that have one long side and a short side. It just makes your face appear longer than it already is.

In general, avoid any hairstyle that tends to cover the uniqueness of your pretty face.

The Heart Face

Heart faced Ladies don’t have as much freedom with their hair as the ovals, but they can still rock a good number of stunning hairdo.

Since the pointy chin and sharp features look good in photos, an average heart-shaped face is very photogenic.

Features of the heart face

The chin is pointy and prominent.

Forehead is wider than the lower face.

There is usually a dip in the hairline.

Generally, if the upper half of your face (cheekbones upwards) is wider than the lower half, you have a heart face.

Best hairstyles for heart face

You have a wide forehead, so the fringe and all off-centre parted styles will do a good job at taking attention away that feature.

Long bangs are wonderful for this face…they don’t only tone down the forehead, but also flaunt the prominent cheekbones and pointy chin.

You will also look great in wavy hairstyles that narrow your cheekbones. The waves will look good no matter the hair length, so feel free to experiment.

If you ever run out of styles, you can imitate top Hollywood stars with heart-shaped face.

Wrong hairstyles for heart face

Ensure you avoid styles that follow all your facial contours. Such styles are clingy and don’t match a heart face.

Also steer clear of short bobs, they will make your chin look super pointy.

The Round Face

If anyone has ever called you “baby face”, there is a high chance your face is round.

No corners or angles are found in the round face, and the lack of edges give a youthful look to people with this kind of face.

Features of the round face

A circle comes to your mind whenever you see a round face.

The chin is shaped round.

Forehead looks round.

Generally, there are no dominant features since the length and width are the same.

Best hairstyles for round face

Wear middle-part (centre-part) styles, they tone down the roundness and give the face a narrow look.

Styles that are fuller on top of your head will also go a long way in balancing the roundness, so thick fringes will look good on you.

Long and short styles will look good if you keep the first two points in mind. Your face just appears better as the hair length increases.

Short pixie cuts and afro are particularly great on the round face.

Adele has a round face, but I’m sure you didn’t notice because of her choice of hairdo. Top celebs with round faces can help you with styles whenever you’re confused.

Wrong hairstyles for round face

Avoid styles that add width to your face —like short bob cuts , your face will just look rounder than it already is.

Side parts are also not welcome here, they give a wider and shorter look which will increase the circular shape.

Don’t wear styles that cover your face.

The Square Face

Square face gives a strong aura. It has prominent features that must be softened and flattered with the right hairstyles.

The signature strong jaw line is usually the focus when looking for a matching style for this face.

Features of a square face

The chin is noticeably flat.

Forehead is wide, in sync with the hairline.

Strong and obviously square jaw line.

Sides of the face and cheeks look straight.

Generally, the face has equally prominent dimensions that make it look strong.

Best hairstyles for square face

The aim is to soften the firm look of the face and there are so many hairstyles to pamper yourself with.

Styles that fall towards the face will do a good job at softening the jaw line.

Short or medium lengths also flatter the square face and reduce the firmness of the chin.

Long bobs are just too cute on a square face, it covers all that needs to he covered.

Let your styles get parted at either side to create a diagonal look, which will minimize the squareness of your face.

Styles with all these characteristics are frequently used by fashion icons with square face.

Wrong hairstyles for square face

Avoid thick fringes at cheek length, they will just make your beautiful face appear like a box.

Middle parts with thick bangs will also encourage the strong look.

Pixie haircuts don’t really look great on square face, but if you must do it, ask your stylist to make it longer and let it fall towards your face.

The Oblong Face

Oblong is just a longer version of the oval face. It is not wide, so the aim of your style should be to reduce the long look by making it appear wider than it is.

Features of the oblong face

A pointed chin

The face is longer than it is wide.

Forehead and jaw line have the same width.

Both sides of the face look straight.

Generally, it gives a narrow appearance.

Best hairstyles for oblong face

You want to increase the width of your face, so go for curls and waves. They effectively give that widening effect to whatever style you make.

Short styles that end just around your cheekbones will have you looking fabulous.

Any style goes well here, just keep in mind that you’re after what will widen your face.

Play with different styles worn by Hollywood superstars with oblong faces.

Wrong hairstyles for oblong face

Avoid long hairstyles, they will increase the facial length and narrow the face. Longest you should go is a little over mid-length.

Avoid styles that are long on one part of the face and short on the other. They will also make the face look longer.

Don’t makes scanty fringes, even if they’re curly.

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