Best Gadgets for Home Security

When it comes to innovation, tech companies never disappoint us. Something new, or at least, an upgrade to already existing gadgets hit the market everyday. Right now, it seems the only things matching tech innovations are security threats.

You already have good padlocks and deadbolts, but one can never be too careful with the protection of life and property.

So, special gadgets are being made to keep the home safe and protect you and your loved ones from intruders.

Most people only think of CCTV cameras when security concerns come up, but they’re quite expensive and require expert hands to install. That’s why we have done all that’s necessary to bring you the best gadgets for home security.🏑

These high tech inventions do not only beat all shortcomings of the good old CCTV, they are more flexible and also come in stylish appearances that totally blend with your home and the furniture within.

I’ll be giving details of how these gadgets work and the best places to buy them. Let’s go!πŸ’ͺ

YI Home Camera 2

This simple but sophisticated camera will give your house a 24/7 surveillance with modern features that the regular CCTV do not have.

Installing the wireless security camera is extremely easy. It can be done in a few minutes and because it’s so light, you can change the position at anytime.

Thanks toΒ YI app, you can connect the YI home camera to your smart phone. This lets you see live coverages and video recordings of your house no matter where you are.

The YI home camera uses graphic image processing with it’s mass database of samples to detect and locate human movements.

What I found most interesting about this camera is the automatic video recording and notification. When the camera notices a movement, it records a ten-second video clip and sends to your phone.

The high quality videos will serve as solid evidence if you need to present them to the police. You can also save them on your memory card or better still, YI cloud.

August Smart Lock

There are many lock systems out there, and after scrutinizing them all, we have concluded that this is the best. If you’re using this lock, no one can enter your house unless you want them to.

August smart lock has a camera and works with your phone, letting you remotely monitor who comes and goes.

When you download the August app, you will be able to send temporary keys to friends and family members who need access to your house when you’re away. Of course, they also need to install the app to receive and use the key.

The installation process doesn’t need expertise. It is wireless, and you can easily install this super lock in less than 20 minutes. It’s possible because it uses a battery and doesn’t involve the complicated process of wiring.

When your battery is low, you’ll get warning messages via the app.

To guarantee no one tampers with your smart lock, this gadget is installed from the inside, and can be operated from the outside. Thanks to the battery mode of operation, your smartlock will still work even when there is power outage.πŸ’‘

If your default door lock is of high quality, you don’t need to replace it to install a smart lock. Only the inside part of your deadbolt needs replacement for the August smart lock to work.

Think you’ve seen it all? Nope…the August smart lock can be voice controlled and automatically locks or unlocks as you leave or approach your house.πŸ™Œ This sleek feature is a result of your OS communicating with the August app, your GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi.πŸ“‘

Defender Keypad Dual Function Alarm

This is not just any any alarm system, it was made with cutting edge technology to keep your home safe from burglary.

Despite having a simple and light appearance, the dual function alarm is a far cry from ordinary. It protects your house with a shock sensor and magnetic contact alarm that fortifies all the entry points.

When you attach this device to your doors and windows, any forced or sneaky attempt will immediately trigger the siren, which rings at 130dBs…very loud!πŸ“―

The defender keypad alarm is powered by a battery, so there is no need for wires. It also has a small solar panel that is able to prolong battery life by 18 months.

With a four-digit code, you have full control over the activation and deactivation of this alarm system.

The loud nature of this alarm makes it perfect for both day and night, nothing can pass unnoticed.

Appbot Riley App Controlled Movable Home Safety Robot Camera

When you’re out and about, this robot will do a remote controlled monitoring of your entire compound and give you feedback via your phone.πŸ“±

As long as there is strong Internet connection, this patrol robot will deliver audio and video details. With it’s 5-megapixel HD camera, you will get crystal clear pictures.

What differentiates it from a regular surveillance camera is the fact that it is mobile and the head can be controlled remotely. So you can move the robot to places you would like to check, it’s just like taking a walk around your home.πŸšΆπŸΌβ€

What’s more? It’s not restricted to daytime operations, there is an IR Night Vision which allows you turn on the built-in IR LED. As you do that, Riley immediately becomes a night patrol guard.

Once appbot Riley is installed on your phone, you can be in multiple places at a time. And if you ever see something suspicious, you can call the authorities.Β πŸš”

USI Electric 5304 Hardwired Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm

Because home security isn’t restricted to criminal attempts at your property, we can’t talk about it without mentioning fire protection.πŸ”₯

Fire accidents can cause more damage than burglars, so guard your home with this powerful fire alarm with battery backup.

The ionization alarm is a very effective way to detect impending fire accidents. It rings loud when smoke or unusual heat is detected, alerting you to control the problem or evacuate and call for help.🀳🏼

The front loading design makes it easy for you to replace alarm batteries without removing it from the bracket.

The active fire alarm comes with 3 years warranty, and you can connect it with 24 other devices. When one of those sub-devices get alerted, all linked gadgets ring out immediately, giving maximum fire security to your home.🏑

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