5 online services to color your Christmas

Christmas is beautiful, isn’t it?  I mean, we get to wrap gifts, sing carols, decorate the house with colorful blinking lights; see Santa,  cook the best meals, and share cards with family and friends. Only Christmas brings so much joy to so many people at the same time. The day is almost upon us and as the excitement heats up, we bring you some online services to add more flavor to your Christmas.

We’ll start with Tracking Santa


Every Christmas, Santa goes around bringing gifts to well behaved children and thanks to NORAD, children can tell where Santa is or would be.

The NORAD (North American Aerospace Command) has successfully tracked Santa since 1955 and children can track Santa online on their website, or email NORAD or call a NORAD operator to ask for Santa’s whereabouts toll-free on 1-877-Hi-NORAD (1-877-446-6723).

Don’t forget to remind your kid that Santa only visits when kids are asleep.

Online Videos and Cards

One of the ways we spread love at Christmas is by sending videos and cards. Some websites have made it incredibly easy to make Christmas themed videos (including funny ones) and cards.

If you like elves, you might want to try ElfYourself, where you can make ‘elven’ videos of you and your loved ones or you could try Sincerely Ink Cards app or JIBJAB for some lovely e-cards and videos.


If you are far away from home at this period, you might consider sending flowers to start their Christmas morning especially for your parents or significant other. There is a wide range of beautiful flowers you can choose from online stores like RegalFlowers and Proflowers.

Apple Gift Apps

Found a great app you would love to share? You can gift it to someone this Christmas.

Go to the appstore, locate the app you want to buy, then tap the share button, and finish by tapping the gift button. Next, enter the person’s email, select the date of delivery and enter your apple ID password to make purchase. That’s it, the recipient gets to wake up to the gift of a new app on Christmas day!

Online Christmas DJ

Want to spice up your Christmas music collection? Spotify and AppleMusic got you. They have loads of Christmas music collection to totally turn-up your Christmas celebration.

With a few days to go, the excitement of this season is heating up. Don’t forget to share the love everywhere you go. Merry Christmas!


Image Credit: geralt / Pixabay


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