5 Online Services to make your loved one’s birthday memorable

Birthdays are those special days we want to celebrate our loved ones and show them how much they mean to us. Sometimes, due to one reason or the other, we may not be in the same physical location as our loved ones. But does that stop us from celebrating their birthday ? Hell No! Here are 5 online services to help you make your loved ones’ day memorable from a distance.Birthday

Birthday Video Maker

This app will help you make beautiful birthday themed slides and videos just to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. It is easy to add pictures and music from your library and simple to use. Then, you can easily share the birthday videos to various social media platforms.


Suregifts is an online gift service that enables you to buy gift cards for loved ones which they can redeem at any time. Suregift card is the perfect gift for your loved one if you are keen on getting a gift but have no idea of what to get because Suregifts allows a buyer to buy a giftcard without specifying what the giftcard should be used to redeem. The gift cards can be used to redeem gifts across several stores in Nigeria. These stores in include: Game, Jumia, Spar, Samsung, Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, Youtopia Beauty, Road Chef, Genesis Cinema, Café Neo, amongst others. One can also top up airtime from major service providers, pay electricity bills, subscribe to tv and insurance;  book flights, pay church offerings, etc with the gift cards.


The company prides it self as ‘the number one gift hub, delivering your love in a box’. MagikWorld is a premium gift delivery service in Nigeria. They are experts in organizing and delivering surprise gifting events in Nigeria; and this has won them the hearts of many, including that of yours truly. Because they understand that picking up a gift can be tiring at times, they ensure that their clients get the best personal experience available by providing a 24hour assistance service. Magikworld should be your go-to service if you need help deciding on a gift or its delivery, or if you simply want to organize a surprise gifting event.

ARM Gift Of  A Lifetime (GOAL) Gift

If you are like Kanye West, who gifted his wife an investment in shares, ARM GOAL gift is for you. ARM GOAL gift is an investment gift voucher that entitles your loved one access to any ARM Mutual Fund. So, you can purchase the gift voucher for as low as N5,000, have it personalized and mailed to the beneficiary. Subsequently, the investment amount earns competitive returns and grows over time.


For the arts and crafts enthusiasts, craftsvillage catalogues a huge collection of beautifully crafted local arts and cards. You  can order online and have the gifts delivered to your loved one.

So, do not let distance be that barrier, go ahead and make your loved ones’ birthday awesome!


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